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    Dua Enterprises is leading; reputed and experienced company galvanizes
    landscaping ideas with 3D designs which animate walk through trance and vision of your garden.
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    Greenhouses are framed or inflated structures covered with transparent
    or translucent material large enough to grow crops under partial or fully controlled
    environmental conditions to get optimum growth and productivity.
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    Drip Irrigation
    Drip irrigation is used on farms both large and small, in vineyards,
    home gardens, nurseries, urban balconies and rooftops all over the world.
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    Hydroponics is proved to have several advantages over soil gardening/cultivation.
    The growth rate on a hydroponic plant is 30-50 percent faster than a soil plant, grown under the same conditions.
    The yield of the plant is also greater.
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Dua Enterprises Gardening and Agriculture Service

Landscaping & Horticulture

  • Prevents overwatering through drip irrigation
  • Low cost Bamboo tunnel to Galvanized Green House
  • Modern agriculture with hydroponic
  • Provider of all agro necessary accessorie

Dua Enterprises is commerce in Landscaping, Horticulture, Automatic Irrigation System, Green House, Hydroponic and in alternative energy with aim that agriculture is not only for food security but also for business, enriching the environment, facilitate gardening dream in to luxurious lawn and backyard garden, accomplish the needs of green Pakistan and familiarize counter strategy and induction of technology to cater new emerging challenges of water shortage, power shortage and food security.

Dua Enterprises is leading; reputed and experienced company galvanizes landscaping ideas with 3D designs which animate walk through trance and vision of your garden. We landscape balanced, economical and luxuries to leisure garden as per desire, needs and ultimate satisfaction of clients. We focus on all scales of projects corresponding residential, commercial and industrial both in public and private sector. Our portfolio includes many of the regions’ renowned golf courses, iconic landmark hotels & resorts, sport centers, clubs, housing schemes, roadside planning, government projects and public works, together with a considerable number of Pakistani more prestigious residential societies.

Water crises is emerging future challenge, Dua Enterprises had anticipated water crisis/shortage in 2002 owed to climate change, over pumping, drought and cross boarder threat. We were introduced Automatic Irrigation System (Drip irrigation) in country to avoid flooded habits to control watering system according to need of plants, shrubs, bushes grass and trees of residential and commercial gardens, orchard all crops field and vegetable cultivated in open area or in Green House.

Dua Enterprises

    In the same way Dua Enterprises was antedated Food Security issue and needs of future farming. We advocate farmers Green House cultivation (Tunnel Farming)for sustainable growth, consistence and profitable cultivation. We provide chance to turn –key agricultural to agriculture biz, solutions, guidance and specialized for your needs. We assist our clients with local material for low cost Bamboo to hi tech galvanized greenhouse & Hydroponic system. We are associated with foreign experienced and reputed companies and providing imported material, structure, humidity control, climate controller, automatic irrigation, fertilizing and pest control systems along with after sale services. Assistance is all type of hydroponic system (Soil less) is another specialty of us. Dua Enterprises is also facilitating farmers for soft loan from lander agencies and banks.

Dua Enterprises was active part of debate to find out alternative source of energy solution since 2000. The solar energy is cheap way of alternative source of energy. This energy can be easily harnessed for practical purposes such as heating homes, lighting bulbs, home appliance, agriculture supportive appliance and running automobiles and even airplanes. We facilitate small farmer to commercial identities to use of solar energy from theirs remote to advance resolutions.

Our specialist team is made up of committed and passionate designers, engineers, architects, landscapers, agriculturist, projectmanagers, horticulturalists and technical staffs who strive to make a positive difference every day in each and every project. We are continually investing in the training and development of our staff, the research and development of our methods, and the regular audit of our performance to the highest international standard.

Our Services

Dua Enterprises is leading and experienced company in agriculture because providing service in landscaping. Green house installation Hydroponic and drip irrigation.


Residential and Commercial Urban development and theme parking with innovative ideas with economical solution .


Turned to Multi tech Green House for 4 season growth and consistence profile in climate control system.


Soil less Multi Layer cultivation system for bomper crop and profit 20 – 30 / more production as compressed soil system .

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is used on farms both large and small, in home gardens and nurseries all over the world. 30 – 40% water saving system.

Interested to make a Garden

If you have your heart set on growing a specific plant, check to see what growing conditions it requires.

Not only Agriculture but the Agriculture bussines.