Drip irrigation is used on farms both large and small, in vineyards, home gardens, nurseries, urban balconies and rooftops all over the world. Drip Works has been an innovative leader as demand for and popularity of drip irrigation has boomed.

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Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of watering today.

  • Conserves water
  • Prevents overwatering
  • Results in less weeding
  • Drip Irrigation Uses 30-50% less Water
  • Places a precise amount of water where you need it

Gardens, Vineyards, Greenhouses, Row crops, Existing landscapes FOR ALL CROP, Sugarcane, Cotton, Corn ,Soybean,
VEGETABLES: Chili, Melons, Onions, Pepper, Potatoes, leaf vegetables, Lettuces, cucumber, Eggplant, Garlics, Ginseng, Tomato, cauliflower, broccoli etc…
Orchard: olives, Grape, Mango, Orange, Bananas Strawberry etc…..

Save your 20% to 30% water by using Drip Irrigation.

Pivot Irrigation System

The pivot irrigation system is considered to be a highly efficient system which helps conserve water. Pivot irrigation typically uses less water compared to many surface irrigation and furrow irrigation techniques, which reduces the expenditure of and conserves water. It also helps to reduce labor costs compared to some ground irrigation techniques, which are often more labor-intensive. Some ground irrigation techniques involve the digging of channels on the land for the water to flow, whereas the use of center-pivot irrigation can reduce the amount of soil tillage that occurs and helps to reduce water runoff and soil erosion that can occur with ground irrigation. Less tillage encourages more organic materials and crop residue to decompose back into the soil, and reduces soil compaction.

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Crop/ Orchards DRIP IRRIGATION Water Flooding
Banana 3600 to 5200 gallon 6000 to 8000 gallon
Sugarcane 3600 60 4600 gallon 7000 to 9000 gallon
Cotton 1500 to 2500 gallon 2400-4000 gallon
Tomato 1600 to 2000 gallon 2800 to 3200 gallon
Grapes 2100 to 2400 gallon 3400 to 3600 gallon
Chilli 1500 to 2000 gallon 2000 to 3000 gallon
Papaya 3000 to 4000 gallon 7500 to 8000 gallon
Mango 3500 to 4500 gallon 5000 to 5500 gallon
Potato 1200 to 1600 gallon 2400 to 3200 gallon
Pomegranate 3200 to 3500 gallon 5500 to 5800 gallon
Onion 1100 to 1500 gallon 1700 to 2500 gallon
Water Melon 1800 to 2000 gallon 3000-3200 gallon
capsicum 1500 to 2000 gallon 2400 to 3200 gallon